Khamis, 17 September 2015


'I know some of you were thinking about "sorong" (push) in Bahasa Malaysia. Sorry, I want to talk about a place in Papua, Indonesia called Sorong.

Sorong is a city located in Papua island, east side of Indonesia. Previously this island called Irian Jaya but then changed to Papua when BJ Habibi become the President of Indonesia (please correct if I'm wrong). Sorong is a city in west side of the island. Some peoples said Sorong is the entrence to Papua island even though some direct flights from outside Papua can reach other city beside Sorong.

Sorong is one of major city in Papua Island. It is not a capital city of West Papua Province but the development is faster compared with West Papua capital city, Manokwari. I have been in Sorong many times to do some work related with a submarine telecommunication project. We can fly to Sorong direct from Jakarta (only Express Air), Ambon (some airlines), Makassar (some airlines) and some location in Papua. What can I say about Sorong? ...

There is a famous place called Raja Ampat where tourist like to come for snorkeling and beaches. Located about 2.5 hours by speedboat from Sorong, many chalets and resort available. Price is quite high and most of the resort accept US currency.
If you choose not to stay in resort, there have a package where you can stay in a vantage style ship with full accommodation facilities. These ship will cruise around the beautiful islands in Raja Ampat about 7 days and stop at any nice beaches in day time. Many websites available about this Raja Ampat.

Mainly Indonesia Rupiah cash are using for the trades but some resorts accept US dollars as well. It is hard to find money changer in Sorong (I couldnt find any) but credit card are acceptable nowadays in major hotels.

There is no proper taxi like other place in Indonesia. In airport, mostly private own van is offered like taxi but when reach a town, you can ask the van taxi or normal "Angkut" (mini bus in van) for transportation. There are also motorcycle taxi to ride if you don't have much luggage with you.

Please do not imagine Sorong as a big city like Bandung or Jakarta. Of course you cannot find any Starbucks here. Sorong is just started to developing and the only entertainment you can find here is karaoke and traditional restaurant.

People of Papua is very friendly. They will be nicer if you can treat them some drinks, have a chat and respect them as a local people. But do not over treat as some may take the advantage.
Not all people are natives Papua which some were migrating from Sulawesi island and low down here doing business.

Sometimes it will feel uncomfortable to be foreigner at these location but if you can respect the locals, they will take you as a friend and you will feel the secured. Individual advice, please do not hang around outside your accommodation in the middle of night. Hard for me to explain why but better take the advice.

Overall, Sorong is a good place for new spot in doing business since Sorong is just woke up for development. Another advice, please run a business in constructed shop lot rather than buy a land for the business. Purchase a land in Papua is very headache.
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