Khamis, 20 Februari 2014


Pertama kali ke Indonesia....what to expect?

I never been to Indonesia before. Only heard many stories about Indonesia, heard many riots happened in Indonesia for so many reasons, heard about how bad the traffic jam there....but that's all were stories heard from people. Plus, my maid also came from Indonesia, they also contributed to the stories that I can only hear and imagine.

'Perjalananku' starting from last week trip to Bandung gave me the opportunities to find out the real stories from what I had heard.

Flight landing in Husein Sastranegara Airport in the early morning woke me up from morning sleep. From inside the plain I can see 'Giant', a supermarket origin from Malaysia. "wah...giant dh bertapak di Indonesia rupanya".....yes, I admit that I never concern about Malaysia companies going international. When the flight make a turn heading terminal, I saw few Indonesia army plains. Then a group of army were doing kawat pagi probably. Tu is actually an Indonesia airforce airport that converted for conventional airplane usage. While I was walking from airplane to the terminal, a big Hercules...yes, the Hercules army airplane landed on the pathway. Biar betui.....giler bagak n kuat bunyik.

My hotel located in Lembang area, at the road to Takuban Perahu. It is quite far from Bandung city and have a very nice hill view that full of vegetables. According to taxi driver, Bandung actually have their nice fresh fishes but the Lembang area is quite far from the city and they have good and fresh vegetables. There have many hotels in the area but all of them are more to resort with villa and chalet type of rooms. I reached the hotel at 12pm but the temperature was around 22degrees. The area located in high hills area which makes the temperature low.

About the traffic, the rumors about how bad traffic jam is true. The traffic was very messy. I can hear vehicle honk in every minutes. The road was small and curvy, just imagine when the taxi driver takeover a lorry at curvy road. Lebih hebat dari takumi woo....kalau dalam Initial-D, takumi potong kereta lain guna high performance car, but here, take over the any slow car only by Toyota Avanza. Hard for me to explain more, just go to Bandung and experience it yourself.

Other than local food restaurant, Bandung is full with Japanese restaurant. I am not sure if there are many Japanese there in Bandung. I have went to a Japanese restaurant named Torigen in near to Bandung city centre. It was claimed by my Japanese friends as the nicest Japanese restaurant over there. Tried few Japanese food, but the best one was a sushi with maguro...forgot the name. We had ordered 18 pieces of Takoyaki but it was never came to our desk until we headed back to hotel 2 hours later. It was not a good service for that but still we go to same places a night after to have our dinner. But this time my friend from NEC had ordered the takoyaki earlier before we started our car engine. The trip from hotel to the restaurant took around 30 minutes, but we could only get the Takoyaki 30 minutes after we arrived the restaurant. Was a hard waiting but just when you taste the takoyaki, you will forget all the hard waiting moments. It was very nice takoyaki ever. I had never tasted any good takoyaki outside of Japan than the takoyaki there.

The hotel:
Do not want to brief much about the hotel. The surroundings and hotel arrangement was nice but please do not expect much. As an advice, please prepare ubat nyamuk and buy indonesia sim card if you want to use internet in the room. I had an experienced where I have to prepare a documents but there was no internet line in the room. I have to walked at 12 midnite through villas and big trees for about 100 meters to lobby just to get an internet line for me to do my work. I finished my work at 3am and walked back to my rooms.......the meeting rooms? not want to tell....very not suitable to organize an important meeting.

Other than hotel that I went, it was a nice experienced for me in Bandung. Even I had never have a chance to go shopping (as what many Malaysian go there, to shopping), I am very enjoy being in Bandung. To watch and have my first experiences in Indonesia.

I will post my trip experiences in Batam and Jakarta next time.

Berjalan lagi?!

7 tahun................blah...

9 bulan................blah.....

perjalanan saya yg dah sudah. Kini perjalanan baru bermula lagi....perjalanan yang lebih hebat dan mencabar. Perjalanan yang benar perjalanan......anak, isteri menunggu dirumah....."bila babah nak balik?"........sabar nak. Babah berjalan mencari arah tujuan....
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