Rabu, 3 Julai 2013

My new family member

First of all, our new born child. Not new actually, she is 1 year and a month already...(seriously?!..how long I didnt update my blog?). Born on XX, May,2013 at Hospital Pantai Cheras with the help from Doctor Suriati again. My third child also a girl and got help from same doctor as her sisters.
Since born, she was pampered much by our Indonesian maid (not ours actually, but my mother in law. Just my wife sister and brothers had their own maid, so mother in-law maid took care of our new born child until last March when we got our own maid). So the maid was pampered her so much, dukung je everytime. My child also very small in size. Now she could not jalan yet, only merangkak. But she looks so small compared with her sisters and cousins when they same age as her now.
She also likes to sengih. Sometimes if she looking at someone talking, she will smile. If the person are playing with her and she smile, it is normal. But if the person are talking with someone else about serious matter, she will sengih also. That is the most beautiful thing she have.
I dont want to compare the good things of her compare to her sisters, I have 3 kids and I love them all. It is just to share my experiences from 3 of them.
It is easier to bring her jalan-jalan because she will not merengek or buat hal, even if she is sleepy or feels hot sunny. My mother in law likes to bring her to any kenduri kahwin because of that.
So now she is 1 year and a month, she could only merangkak, cannot walk and speak yet. But she can gaduh with others already. If she get angry, she will cakar opponent muka and bring out angry voice. I think she got the ability after keep gaduh with her naughty cousin, Aydin who few months older than her. Aydin just can walk recently but very active and naughty. He rarely sitting in a day and love to walk around the house. He like to tarik his cousins rambut especially my eldest, Zia and my niece, Dania. Before this, he like to walk in silence and then suddenly we can hear someone screaming because he tarik their rambut. But now we can trace him where he goes because he love to walk while speaking his own language.
So that was a story of my new family member. I will give another story of our new member next time.

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