Jumaat, 23 September 2011

My Macbook can't connect to wireless

3, 4 hari yang lepas, tiba2 kurasakan unifi yang sepatutnye laju dirumahku ini, tiba2 menjadi lembab. Pada masa itu kusalahkan notebook adik iparku yang sentiasa mendonlod movie je kejenye. 

Then last 2 nite, my macbook can't connect to wireless at all. I thot it was my sister in-law notebook, but when i checked her pc, it was not switch on. So the problem either the internet service or my macbook network setting. Then i switched on my sister in-law pc and found her pc connect well with wireless while mine still no connection. Actually my pc connected with the wireless network but no internet.

At first i tot my router have a problem but when i restarted the router, problem still remain. I pushed hardware reset on the router and reconfigured back my network, but the problem still there. Last nite I done research thru internet by connecting Ethernet cable direct to macbook. Found that the problem like mine are normal for macbook.

So the solution i've found so far is by resetting PRAM. I need to press Command+Option+P+R while macbook reboot to reset Macbook PRAM, however no changes when i press the button. 

Continued with the research and found that the keyboard function was limited on rebooting causing the keyboard button useless on reboot. To disable the protection, i need to disable the keyboard firmware called Open Firmware Password. It is depend on the macbook version to do it but unfortunately there was no method for version 10.6 and later like mine. So I tried all method from other version but still failed.

Then on the research, a guy stated that the Firmware Password application can be found on Mac cd installer. So i looked for my cd installer and open it but still not found. 

After tried for hours, i just tot want to give up and send the macbook to technician. But before i went to sleep, tot that wanna give last try by looking for the firmware application manually on my macbook. After tried a few applications on macbook, Lastly I managed to repaired the problem.

The solution is:
Application>Utilities>Disk Utility>mac>Repair Disk Permission

It might took a quite time. I started the repair disk permission and went to sleep. Next morning checked the macbook and found that the problem was fixed. Moreover, my macbook speed also increased a bit.

save duit kawe huhu....

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