Jumaat, 29 Oktober 2010

Islamic For Funs (IFF)

Damn...i only knew about this after read it on Harakah paper that someone left it on office surau. You can find details about this stupid IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival) in internet.

All these time when I heard about stupid things done by our respectful Malaysian, I only took it as "there also have a good effect from these"....then when I know about this stupid IFF, I can say that my respect for that 'person' totally lost.

The organizers of the event are majority Muslim women but NONE of them are wearing hijab, then they want to show what Muslim women should wear?! The fashion has no image for Islamic!!!

Please guys, please dun using Islam for your own profit. You can lie all non-Muslims and poser Muslims for that, but not the real Muslim.

Lets share what people's commented about the picture. Source: emirates

25 October 2010 22:37: I'm not Muslim and I'm from the US however even I know that isn't Islamic in the least. When I saw Islamic fashion I was excited. I am Mormon and Mormons believe in modesty too. So I sometimes shop on Islamic fashion sites for clothes even if I don't cover my hair. I would NEVER wear this stuff. I'd feel so exposed.

25 October 2010 16:28: So ugly, not Islamic at all.

25 October 2010 13:39: There is no pure Muslim in the festival!

25 October 2010 07:17: This is not Islamic fashion at all.

24 October 2010 16:54: Are they lingeries?

Ayesha 24 October 2010 16:02: It's not Islamic at all! So pathetic and so embrassing.

So, judge by yourself, even non-Muslim know which is Islamic and which is not.

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  1. ape nak jadik sekarang nih! mempermainkan Islam..


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