Isnin, 1 November 2010

Proud of........?

I read Utusan online today and found 1 good article of Malaysia Ferrari Owner Club made a record of biggest ferrari gathering in Asia Pacific. As the pictures also shows Malaysia Book of Record representative were giving the record certificate to the club president. But then, just after the article, there was an article about a single mother family who live in a rubber estate store at Grik. I am not sure how I am feeling and what to say....... a Ferrari price can reach as RM1.2m while the poor single mother family paying RM50 a month for the store rental. By calculation, a Ferrari could pay the poor single mother rental for 2000 YEARS!!!!!

1 ulasan:

  1. and they have 145 of Ferraris..
    then it becomes 290,000 years for a family!!
    assume a family can live for 100years, then they could help almost 3000 families!!
    good luck Pusat Agihan Zakat!


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