Jumaat, 24 Disember 2010

Fake CL1 on the market

Actually I saw the add before this and really did not give a damn at that time even I knew that the car was not CL1. Until yesterday when I received a call from my old friend. Actually we had lost contact with each others since 2007 after we finished our study, and coincidentally we met yesterday at Midvalley. Back to story, my old friend housemate are driving original CL1, brought back from Japan to Malaysia. Now he want to sell his car for some reasons and he dun know market price, loan matter and lots of things. So that guy requesting my help coz I have experienced with my CL1. So, there will be an original CL1 on the market and this fake CL1 will surely kacau or getting untung.
If people who not recognize CL1 will surely thought that the fake CL1 is surely original CL1. Here were the comments from my accord frens who know a lots about Accord 6th generation.
1. There are no water spraying nozzle and wiper at the back windscreen which is CL1 should have.
2. Vin plate got kacau-ed. Means owner has adjusted the vin plate by adding CL1 word. The second row word on the plate are showing chasis number. We can check the right chasis number at the body (around clutch master cylinder area) and compare it with the plate.
3. Back light which attached with body (not bonnet) are not CL1 light casing.
4. exhaust very kecik compare to original Cl1 exhaust which is bigger and twin tail.

Actually tak kesah pun if the owner convert or fake the car, but lying people in the add and modify vin plate somemore....not good la kan.

Here are the link to the add (as the time i'm writing the article)

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