Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

My Dear Cup Cakes

A story of My Dear Cup Cakes....
My Dear Cup Cakes is actually a blog page containing a cup cakes infos and progress of cup cakes business by my wife. She started it as an hobby since last year when she made it for family members birthday party. Then some of families friends had tried the cakes and love it. Since then the orders for cup cakes came every week. Because of the her job conditions at that time, she had a lot of time to spent with the cup cakes, and the business had grew up with a lot of order came. Below are some pictures of cup cakes she have made.

The cup cakes can be ordered for any occasions or event. I can guarantee that our price is lowest that you ever heard.

1. Perisa coklat/vanilla/Coklat banana
cake only: RM1.00/pcs
cake+buttercream icing: RM1.50/pcs
cake+fondant: RM2.00/pcs

*Because of it is homemade, all cakes expired date will be a week after manufacturing date..
*Usually we will deliver all the cakes in a box for free, but incase you want a box for every cake, an additional RM0.20 for each cake will be charged.

Cake+Buttercream can be viewed by all pictures above. I'm still in progress to have pictures for cake+fondant because i can say it is our new product, so still not received any much order yet so far.
Fondant icing (i dunno the actual name for this cup cakes heheh..) actually is same delicious as the ising but it is in hard type so it is not easy to pecah-pecah, or tercalit sana tercalit sini. Very suitable for hantaran office colleague is the first customer for this type of ising and she ordered it for hantaran kahwin.

*Due to current job situations, cup cakes productions will be running every weekend only. Sorry for any inconviniences cause.

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